Chupacabra rides Irene

By: Mista Oh

Aug 28 2011

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Focal Length:3.85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 4
Unidentifiable beast washes up at Lafayette Blvd. Is it Man-Bear-Pig from South Park?

18 comments on “Chupacabra rides Irene”

  1. Oh my god, did you find that? is that a dog?, poor fucking thing

  2. […] the sight of this poor Hurricane Irene victim, whose bloated, furry body was spotted by this blogger on the sands of Long Beach, New York. What do you think it is? Don’t say it’s a […]

  3. The other Montauk Monster turned out to be a raccoon.

  4. It is a tapir, from Central America, you can clearly tell by this picture here:

  5. it’s a bear you idiots!!!!!!! I mean, COME ON!!!

  6. Honestly looks like a dead polar bear…

  7. Not sure either but I think it’s a seagull.

  8. its probably somebodys stuffed something or other that they hunted somewhere and were proud to dislay …..too bad no matter what it is

  9. […] Source Tweet By Blogsdna […]

  10. I say bloated dog.

  11. Hairless bear. Probably lost the hair while decomposing in the ocean.

  12. Definitely bloated dog or bear that lost its hair while decomposing. It’s not a pig or a tapir, judging from the bottoms of the feet – those are paws. Tapirs have very distinctive feet and pigs have hooves. I’m guessing dogs based on the relative size of the feet.

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