Big wheels keep on turnin’

Mista Oh!'s 9'6" cruiser. This board was shaped by Chris Birch using a traditional polyurethane blank and glassed with two layers of 6 oz. cloth on the deck and one layer of 6 oz. cloth on the bottom using polyester resin. It has a resin tint color job and a resin pinline. Currently being ridden as a 2 plus 1 fin set up. (photo by Nibor)


2 comments on “Big wheels keep on turnin’”

  1. Hi, I run a site called, a LB blog. I just placed a story on blog regarding the LB Monster and linked to this site. I was wondering if you were the photographer so I can give you proper credit. Thanks!

    • Hey Anthony,
      Thanks for linking to a kooks journal. Yep, I am the photographer, and I ran across that pathetic and mysterious creature on the beach at somewhere between Lindell and Lafayette at about 3:00pm on Sunday. What is it? Who cleaned it up? Did anyone else see it?

      All the best – Jerry Otero (aka mista Oh!)

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